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Water Level Indicator

This is a highly efficient and effective instrument for measuring water level and the depth in water reservoirs, boreholes etc. The bob is lowered to the water level for determining the depth or the water level. On touching the surface, a sensor illuminates the signal lamp and the cable length indicates the depth. Counted among the prominent Water Level Indicator Manufacturers in Uttarakhand, Lakshmi Engineering Works is known for always delivering premium quality instruments and devices to its clients spread across the country. When the water-level is touched by the bob, a conducive connection is completed between the tip of the probe and the sensor body.

Features Of Our Water Level Sensor:

  • Standard cable length: 50,100 metres with every metre marked
  • You can also opt for a flexible measurement scale for fine resolution (1 cm)
  • Comes with a reel-type spool, mounted on a stand, for lowering the electrode assembly and cable
  • Self-contained 9 V battery supply minimizing the risk of shock from an external power supply
  • Standard brass electrode and convenient reel handle
  • Each water level indicator is supplied with battery for accurate readings

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